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Audiology on Canvas

Hand printed on canvas

This special edition on authentic Belgian cotton canvas is limited to 18 pieces! Each poster is printed and assembled by hand.

  • Dimensions: 50 cm x 70 cm.
  • Limited to 18 unique pieces.
  • Authentic Belgian cotton canvas.
  • Sold out.
Sold out
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  • audio-cassette-screen-print-audiology-detail-stamp
  • walkman-screen-print-audiology-detail-top
  • walkman-screen-print-audiology-detail-buttons
  • audiology-screenprints

Audiology Screen Print

First run limited to 100


The paper edition of the Audiology prints. Every poster is handprinted in 3 colors on high quality 300 grams Hahnemühle paper.

  • Dimensions: 50 cm x 70 cm.
  • Printrun: 100 hand numbered and signed.

Balthazar Berlin Shirt

Design Process Video

Custom shirt design for Balthazar’s concert at Postbahnhof in Berlin.

  • Just Like Your Mom Logo
  • Just Like Your Mom 3 logo
  • Just LIke Your Mom  Catering website design
  • Just LIke Your Mom Toursupport website design

Just Like Your Mom

Logo, branding, tagline and website design for Just Like Your Mom.

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  • werkveld-portfolio-2
  • werkveld-portfolio-3


Logo design

Logo design for www.werkveld.be. I love how they incorporated the logo icon in the UI.

  • sckr pnch logo 1

Suckerpunch Skateshop

Logo for a roller derby store based in Ghent, Belgium. The S and P form a bullhead. Well ain’t that clever.

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Black Box Revelation Logo


  • Julie Declerck Business Cards
  • Julie Declerck Business Card Front
  • Julie Declerck Business Card Back

Julie Declerck Branding

Logo and brand design for make up artist Julie Declerck.

  • stereotec-col

Stereotec.ch Logo

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  • Soviet Grass Plastic FIngers CD

Soviet Grass

Soviet Grass logo and record sleeve design.